The Most Reluctant Convert: An Extended Movie Review

Back in 2021, I wrote a review of The Most Reluctant Convert directed by Norman Stone. I think I can safely say it was an unusual review, if for no other reason because I didn’t find the movie as strange as some of my friends found it. But I’d seen the one-man stage play it was based on (as well as a production of The Screwtape Letters by the same group). So I wasn’t quite surprised when The Most Reluctant Convert turned out to be an interesting experiment, not quite a filmed play and not quite a standard biopic.

I was able to get my original review published by the Evangelical Church Library Association’s website, where I’ve enjoyed contributing book reviews in the past. I think technically that review was the first time I’d had a movie review published anywhere outside my blog.

At any rate, a few months later, an extended version of that movie review was published by Fellowship & Fairydust, which includes some sidetrails I omitted from the first version (mostly involving my thoughts on the 2019 Tolkien biopic). You can read the review here:

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