Accidentally Christian: A Look at Richard Donner’s The Omen

Here's a concept I learned in college: All truth is God's truth. In other words, because truth is an objective thing which exists outside of us, we can look at anything that makes a statement about life and affirm theparts of it which reflect objective truth. You can look at Norse myths about Balder, the …

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Painting of the Last Supper by Juan de Juanes, circa 1562

Jesus the Strange Man (God in Film Pt 4)

In my first post in this series I noted how it's possible you can't literally show God or angels in a movie without it seeming cheesy. As Roy Anker puts it in his book Catching Light, big epic movies that try to adapt Bible stories and make them into big spectacles often fall flat. Anker …

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A small whale with a top hat and mustache drinks tea from a table placed on a larger whale, who's carrying an umbrella. Cover image created specifically for the webcomic "Whales Speaking Yiddish."

Who’s in the Hot Tub?

If you have a large backyard you have to maintain, you've probably discovered there's a never-ending battle: you versus the animals. You're always trying to take care of the raccoons, squirrels and other animals that keep getting into everything. What would happen if those animals felt like they owned the yard... and whatever's in it? …

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Silly Ways to Advertise Your Book

In a recent Steemit post, I talk about absurd and silly ways you could advertise your first book: This article came from a conservation about my first book, now available on Amazon: