My Work

As my LinkedIn profile shows, I’ve written quite a lot of things.

By looking through the subpages, you can find things I’ve written for different organizations. Here is a list of work I’m especially proud of:

I’ve written book reviews for several papers, including the Evangelical Christian Library Association, Christian Library Journal, and The Waynesdale News.

I’ve also written hard news pieces and editorials for The Waynesdale News, The News Herald, and The Echo.

On top of that, I’ve written pop culture articles on superheroes, movies and entertainment trends, including an article for the Canadian publication Area of Effect.

Many of my pop culture articles have been published by The Odyssey, which I also used to release articles about a 2015 trip I took through Asia. I later collected those articles into a book, Sunrise Over Beijing, which you can buy on Amazon.

On a more literary side, I’ve contributed an essay about judging books based on the author’s personal life to US Represented and given talks about J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing at the Center for the Study of C.S. Lewis and Friends.