The titular main character in Robert Bresson's film pickpocket, sitting in a bar and observing people. Image source

Transcendental Style (God in Film Pt 9)

This blog post really should have come earlier. When I started this blog series on how literally showing God or angels in movies may always feel cheesy and therefore we should consider alternate ways to talk about the divine, I mentioned two writers who've really influenced this series: Roy Anker and Paul Schrader. Anker argued …

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Graphic showing a English translation of a quote by Nicolas Chamfort: Chance is a nickname of Providence.

Chance Encounters (God in Film Pt 6)

Thus far in this blog series, I've suggested that maybe you can't make a movie where God or angels literally show up without it seeming somehow cheesy, absurd. I've suggested that you can get around that by embracing that sense of absurdity, talking about the existence of evil in contrast to God, talking about the strangeness of …

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