Picture of an electric typewriter in the snow. Photo copyright 2018 by Gabriel Connor Salter.

Typewriter Photos

This past Sunday, snow arrived for the first time this season in Colorado Springs. I decided to use that as an opportunity for a photo shoot. Below are various photos I took of an electric typewriter in the snow, including one photo I made into this site's new header image. Enjoy. Images Copyright 2018 by …

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image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/fFVHyw3SbTo

The Lord, My Captain

I sit on the corner of my bed, body rocking slightly as I try not to scream. I’m in the middle of a minor anxiety attack. I’ve had anxiety problems since I was about eleven years old. Strange haphazard thoughts and temptations swirl through my head like a terrible storm, threatening to bash my sanity …

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Getting Past Theological Differences

(This article previously published by The Odyssey on May 3, 2017) He can’t possibly be warm enough. I watched from the living room as my teacher and the other five students moved around the tiny kitchen, getting chai tea or coffee. The teacher spoke softly, but his strong Australian accent carried his voice farther than …

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