George Lucas, Apocalypse Now, and Early Films

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I like exploring the nooks and crannies where most don’t venture. Whether it’s little-known comedy screenwriters who created classic horror movies, underrated rock musicians, or poets who wrote fantasy novels about whales, I will gladly dive into a little-known subject and mine it for whatever insights I can find.

George Lucas has been on my mind of late, partly because I recently saw the 2013 documentary about his college friend and screenwriting legend John Milius, where I learned the strange story of how Lucas almost direct Apocalypse Now. Yes, the movie we all remember as Francis Ford Coppola’s epic achievement after his best Godfather films, was almost made by Lucas. On a much tinier budget. In a war zone.

In this article for Fellowship & Fairydust, I look at the story of how Lucas considered but passed on Apocalypse Now, and the little-known films that he made before creating Star Wars.

Here are some other Star Wars tidbits I’ve written about in past years:

An oddity (space oddity, if you will) that I tossed onto my blog a few years ago when I had some unpopular ideas about the Star Wars prequels.

An overview of the most memorable films starring legend Peter Cushing, including Star Wars and his Hammer work with Terence Fisher that I’ve discussed elsewhere.



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