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Quotes from a Recent Interview

I've mentioned a few times before that I make short films with a group called Robotic Flyers Productions. Recently, the group decided to interview members and post the interviews online. You can find my interview here. For those of you who can't understand someone speaking  thirty words a second, here's a transcript of some of …

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Why Should Christians Care About Art Part 1

I've written a lot about art - how being a Christian and being an artist connect and conflict, how to help artistic Christians thrive, and common reasons artists don't feel like they belong in churches. This all raises the question, "Why does it matter?" "Why should Christians care about paintings, movies, books, stories, and all …

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3 Books to Read After The Screwtape Letters

C.S. Lewis didn't just write a good book when he wrote The Screwtape Letters. He uncovered a highly entertaining and clever way to satirize heavy topics like Hell, Heaven, and even human topics like education or philosophical trends. The format is so popular that dozens of writers have written Screwtape-style stories. Walter Hooper, who worked as Lewis' secretary, even …

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