Changes to Blog Schedule

Some of you may remember my announcement several months ago that I would post blogs every other week because of summer work obligations. I had planned to get back to my original, one-blog-a-week schedule when September rolled around, but several things  - a fall internship, my new position as a Content Creator for The Odyssey -  have …

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Recommended Articles

Similar to my Recommended Reading post, this list collects articles (and one resource) that discuss Christian art, particularly the dilemma of how Protestant evangelicals tends to misunderstand art. “New Lyrics for the Devil’s Music” by Gerald Clarke. (TIME Magazine, March 11, 1985) Reposted in 2001, this was one of the early articles to discuss the Contemporary …

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How Horror Connects to Comedy

It’s 1959, and an up-and-coming writer named William Blatty is a guest on The Tonight Show starring Jack Paar. Paar, who's a bit less politically correct than some of his successors, ribs his guest by asking, “Your parents are Arabs, right? So where did you get those blue eyes?” Blatty waits a long moment. Then he declares “The Crusades!” It was …

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