GameJam 2019 Virtual Reality More Photos

While competing in Taylor University's Spring 2019 GameJam competition, I took a number of photos. I took several photos of students using virtual reality equipment to play a computer game, here's the second installment of those photos: You can find out more about the competition and whose game won here: You can also check …

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Movie projector in a smoke filled room. Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

6 Mainstream Movies with Christian Themes

What would it look like to make a regular Hollywood movie that talks about concepts like faith, forgiveness and redemption? These six films did just that: (Article first published by the Odyssey on February 14, 2017).

Four photos, clockwise from top left: Taylor university students watch each other play a GameJam game on a computer. Two GameJam trophies set up to look like they're fighting each other. A notebook holding conceptual art for "Gone Rogue" computer game. A student wearing a virtual reality headset as he plays a GameJam game.

GameJam Students Playing with Virtual Reality

A few months back, I took part in a computer game contest at Taylor University, and snapped some pictures of the events. These photos show one of the students playing a computer game that required virtual reality equipment. To read more about the competition and who won, check out this link: You can also …

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Tolkien and Lewis Friendship Presentation

As you may know from reading my other posts, I've gotten to give several presentations about the Inklings the last few years. I've compared C.S. Lewis to Terence Fisher, and talked about how Tolkien's work compares to writers like H.P. Lovecraft and T.H. White. Today, I got to give a talk at Taylor University's C.S. Lewis Center about …

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