George Bailey and his family, happy at last, in the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life. Image source

Play Along with the Joke (God in Film Pt 2)

Here's where you can read part 1 in this blog series I noted last week that some film critics and filmmakers (particularly Paul Schrader and Roy Anker) have argued you really can't show divine encounters (God or angels literally showing up in a movie) without it seeming cheesy. This argument has big ramifications for Christians …

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Can Movies Show God? (God in Film Pt 1)

Quite a lot has been said about Christian films in recent years, particularly the kind of independent Christian movies that became so popular after Passion of the Christ came out. Many Christians have argued for and against these Christian films for various reasons. One big point of contention is how Christian films usually portray miracles. …

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Statue of Christ in crucifixion pose in a church sanctuary. Photo by Ricky Turner on Unsplash. See

Why isn’t “Normal Christian Art” Enough?

The more I get into questions about how art and faith connect, and exploring the ways various artists have explored their faith in their work, the more I discover art that confuses some Christians. Art that doesn't give easy answers. Art that may not have happy endings. Art that talks about tough or obscure theological ideas rather …

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GameJam Random Photos and Trophies

To wrap up my series of posts showing photographs from the Spring 2019 GameJam contest at Taylor University, here are a few pictures of random objects I found interesting: Lastly, here are some snapshots of the trophies (including a purple one that turned out to be defective and had to be replaced by a silver …

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Why Aren’t There More Comic Books For Kids?

Like many comic books fans, I discovered comics at an early age and haven't looked back since. Surprisingly though, it took me a few years to truly enjoy comics - the first few years I found them exciting but often confusing, they were like a riddle I needed to solve. Here's why: (Article first …

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GameJam 2019 Students and Staff

A couple of weeks ago, I posted photos I took of some students taking part in Taylor University's recent GameJam contest. Here are photos of other GameJam student teams hard at work on their projects: However, you really can't pull off an event like GameJam without gifted professors who step in and help it run smoothly. …

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Need a Good Quote?

Sometimes when working on a research project or just something fun you need a good, compelling quotation to accent whatever you're trying to communicate. I had to compile lots of quotations for an internship project, here's my list of great books and websites for finding those nice, snappy statements: (This article first published April …

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GameJam 2019 Students Working

In addition to taking pictures of the judging session at Taylor University's recent computer game competition, I got some nice photos of the students working on their various games: To read more about the competition and who won, check out this link: You can also check out more of my photography by looking in this …

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Two people shaking hands. Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Books and Articles on Friendship Despite Differences

When I gave a talk recently about C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien's friendship, someone commented afterwards that they really liked how the two men were able to freely discuss their differences as friends. Because I enjoy leaning into controversial topics (such as recent article about "atheist" movies), I've read a variety of books about people …

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