A small whale with a top hat and mustache drinks tea from a table placed on a larger whale, who's carrying an umbrella. Cover image created specifically for the webcomic "Whales Speaking Yiddish."

I Now Have a Web Comic Series

I occasionally draw, so I decided to take some comic strips and release them as a web-comic series. Check them out here: https://tapas.io/series/Whales-Speaking-Yiddish   Cover image Copyright 2018 by Gabriel Connor Salter.


Why Should Christians Care About Art Part 2

Here's where you can read Part 1 Reason Number 2: Art May be Temporary, But We Should Still Care About It One common objection evangelical Christians make when you try to talk about art is that all art is "earthly" things. Art is made from physical materials and if Revelation shows Earth will be destroyed …

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