Changing my blogging schedule

Back in December 2020, I announced that I was taking a three-month hiatus from blogging to consider new direction with my blog. Since the blog hasn't had much focus and I've gotten more involved in freelancing the last year or so which hasn't left as much time to write, I had to consider where I …

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Back into web comics

Some of you may remember I did a web comic series for a while in 2018, partly as a practice attempt to try out a website I was going to use to release a graphic novel. I learned a lot, and realized that while I don't consistently draw every week, I quite enjoy doing it. …

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Electric lights to look like a question mark in a square. Photo by Emily Morter. Photo by Source:

What Makes a Story? (Building a Better Christian Novel Pt 10)

I review Christian books, mostly nonfiction ones but I do get a Christian Fiction novel or two each month. Occasionally I’ll get one that I enjoy, and frequently I’ll give 3 or 4 stars just because I know the author means well and it’s not too terrible. However, most of the time I’m just not …

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