What Do 007 and Superhero Movies Have in Common?

You may have noticed that James Bond movies and Superhero movies share certain elements. In a recent Steemit post, I talk about some of those similarities. Check out the post here: https://steemit.com/superhero/@gcsalter/6-things-superhero-and-james-bond-movies-have-in-common  

Maurice Sendak and other Children’s Authors

Sometimes the best children's authors are the ones who trust kids enough to include some scary elements in their stories. In a recent article for the Odyssey, I talk about 6 authors, from Maurice Sendak to Roald Dahl, who wrote popular but dark children's stories. You can read the article here:  https://www.theodysseyonline.com/6-authors-who-wrote-dark-childrens-stories


2 Reasons You Should Read “The Once and Future King”

There's one particular reason the Arthurian legends are interesting: every writer portrays the story differently. Everybody has their own take on who Arthur was, what his life is about, and what his allies and enemies were trying to do. T.H. White did something especially unique when he wrote The Once and Future King. He created a …

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