About Me

img_7154I’m Gabriel Connor Salter, a freelance writer who’s written everything from book reviews to literary criticism.

This site contains many things – pop culture articles I wrote for The Odyssey Online, book reviews, and links to my side projects, including short films and web comics.

I also use this site for my blog, which focuses on articles about:

Writing – how writers write, why they write, what they write.

Faith – how living and practicing Christian spirituality effects how you write.

I typically post a new blog every three to four weeks, or weekly if I’m doing a series. Feel to make comments or like specific articles.

Also, while I love people reading and passing my work on, please don’t try to pass any of it off as your own. This is not only illegal, it’s also fairly ridiculous. There are plenty of better things you can do than steal from college students. Usually, I will cite any sources I use so you can find them on your own.

If you want to contact me, try my Facebook page, Goodreads profile, or follow me on Twitter.

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