Great Monster Films You Should See

Some of you may remember my article last Halloween week about how horror stories can be good for you. Following up in that area, here's my recent list of 4 great monster films (including the little-known movie that inspired the Joker) that you should check out. Enjoy...


6 Powerful Books On Christian Art

Some time ago, I argued in one of my articles that a great way artistic Christians can connect with other churchgoers is by studying books together about art. Here are some of the best books I've read about how faith and art intersect (including the classic Art and the Bible by Francis Schaeffer): If you're …

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Image Credit: Gabriel Salter

Article and Pictures of A Great New Product

Last month, I wrote an article (just published today) about Crossbeams, a fascinating new building toy by Colorado Springs entrepreneur Charles Sharman. Like LEGO and other popular building toys, Crossbeams has parts you can use to build dozens of things, but here's the difference: each Crossbeams set lets you build more things with less parts …

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When Superheroes Need Cash

What happens when a costumed crimefighter doesn't have enough bucks for a Batcave? In a new satirical piece, published by the Odyssey on May 18, 2017, I answer that question. Captain Unbeatable, the relentless defender of an obscure American city known as Hooverville, resorts to sending out a newsletter for donations

How Do You Defeat Superman Without Even Touching Him?

In my latest article, published by Area of Effect magazine, I discuss a 1980's comic book story where Superman's friend arrive at his Fortress of Solitude ... to discover someone's defeated him. Without using Kryptonite. Along the way, I discuss how the past creates who we are today, and how we can reconcile with it. …

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How to Fit Spiritual Themes in Stories (Part 4)

(Part 4 of 4, based on a workshop on fitting faith-based themes or symbols in mainstream stories. Here's Part 3 for those who missed it). Method 4: Talk about spiritual ideas openly, but in different words. The 2016 movie Dr. Strange (co-written and directed by Scott Derrickson, whom I mentioned in Part 1) shows this idea very …

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