Article on Funny Tourist Moments

In a recent Steemit post, I share some anecdotes about funny tourist experiences I had in Asia. You can find the post here:


“Ghost in a Chrome Cage” text now available

A few weeks ago, I talked about how my short story "Ghost in a Chrome Cage" was released as an audiobook. The text for that short story just got published via The Odyssey, so you can now read it as well as listen to it:

3 Practical Things I Learned From My First Book

Since my ebook Sunrise Over Beijing came out in March I've learned a lot about self-publishing and the common mistakes you can make. Here are 3 things I wish I knew before releasing my ebook. 1. Know How Much You Want to Make As of this writing, Kindle Directing Publishing offers you two ways to make money …

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Maurice Sendak and other Children’s Authors

Sometimes the best children's authors are the ones who trust kids enough to include some scary elements in their stories. In a recent article for the Odyssey, I talk about 6 authors, from Maurice Sendak to Roald Dahl, who wrote popular but dark children's stories. You can read the article here: