Poster for the book ad for "Sunrise Over Beijing." Poster Copyright 2018 by Robotic Flyers Productions, images licensed and owned by Gabriel Connor Salter

“Sunrise Over Beijing” Book Commercial

This year I not only got to release my first book, I also got to work with a team of people to make a commercial for it. You can watch the commercial for free on YouTube and learn more about its production on IMDb.   Let me know in the comments whether you liked the …

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Getting Past Theological Differences

(This article previously published by The Odyssey on May 3, 2017) He can’t possibly be warm enough. I watched from the living room as my teacher and the other five students moved around the tiny kitchen, getting chai tea or coffee. The teacher spoke softly, but his strong Australian accent carried his voice farther than …

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How I learned Forgiveness is Vital

(This article first published by The Odyssey on November 8, 2017) Sometimes forgiveness isn’t about the other person at all. Sometimes it’s about taking the weight you can’t carry any longer off your chest. I started learning this in sixth grade. This was only my second year in public school, my family had recently moved …

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