Picture of a camera (photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash) in background, inset photo of G. Connor Salter.

Me Interviewing Me: A (Hopefully) Early Career Retrospective

This last year when I was working on a new short film and planning a short story series for Halloween, I got to thinking about my earlier creative projects with amateur film group Robotic Flyers Productions. Since the short story series was built around the idea that I was supposedly editing stories written by someone …

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A small whale with a top hat and mustache drinks tea from a table placed on a larger whale, who's carrying an umbrella. Cover image created specifically for the webcomic "Whales Speaking Yiddish."

What Dr. Lecter does in his spare time?

You wouldn't think about it at first, but Hannibal Lecter can be a very humorous character. Whether you read Thomas Harris' books about Lecter or see one of the movies based on them, there's a streak of dark comedy that runs through them. The comic strip below parodies and riffs on that dark comedy: https://tapas.io/episode/1143161

How Different People See Evil in Stories

How do people decide whether violence is acceptable in a story? To make this broader matter, how do they decide whether sex scenes and other possibly disturbing material (I'll call this "difficult material" from now on) are acceptable in a given story? After all, some people have no problem enjoying stories that have difficult material, …

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