Picture of a mason jar on a floor with coins falling out of it. Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Guest blog post on God’s provision

I've recently reviewed a couple of books published by Mountain Brook Ink, a Christian publishing house, and then got the opportunity to write a guest blog post for them. I wrote a piece about my interesting experience having to leave college for financial reasons and how God provided during that difficult season. You can read …

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GameJam Random Photos and Trophies

To wrap up my series of posts showing photographs from the Spring 2019 GameJam contest at Taylor University, here are a few pictures of random objects I found interesting: Lastly, here are some snapshots of the trophies (including a purple one that turned out to be defective and had to be replaced by a silver …

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GameJam 2019 Virtual Reality More Photos

While competing in Taylor University's Spring 2019 GameJam competition, I took a number of photos. I took several photos of students using virtual reality equipment to play a computer game, here's the second installment of those photos: You can find out more about the competition and whose game won here:  https://gcsalter.wordpress.com/2019/04/13/computer-games-and-contests/ You can also check …

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Image Credit: Gabriel Salter

Article and Pictures of A Great New Product

Last month, I wrote an article (just published today) about Crossbeams, a fascinating new building toy by Colorado Springs entrepreneur Charles Sharman. Like LEGO and other popular building toys, Crossbeams has parts you can use to build dozens of things, but here's the difference: each Crossbeams set lets you build more things with less parts …

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