When does sentimental become creepy?

In my first "sidetrails" post, I talked about how the sentimental stories that truly survive are ones with something substantial behind them. The flipside of that is so many sentimental stories lack substance and don't survive, and many even enter a weird zone. Peruse the romantic-comedy/family melodrama/faith-based fiction section of your bookstore (or streaming service) …

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Actors Who You Didn’t Realize Played Famous Roles

Someone else played James Bond before Sean Connery did in Dr. No. Someone else played Hannibal Lecter before Anthony Hopkins did in Silence of the Lambs. In a recent article for the Odyssey, I talk about these actors and others who played early versions of famous characters: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/5-actors-you-didnt-know-played-famous-roles