Collage of images showing the three main actors (Caitlin Glidewell, G. Connor Salter, James D. Stacy) in the short film "K9-WES" by Robotic Flyers Productions.

K9-WES: A Cop Show Parody

I really enjoy shows like NCIS that focus on police or federal agents doing these in-depth investigations. So, it was an interesting experience working with Robotic Flyers Productions to make a short film that parodies those kinds of shows. You can watch the short film for free on YouTube and read more about its production on …

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Image of Gabriel Connor Salter, standing by a fence on an autumn day. Image copyright 2018 by Gabriel Connor Salter. Do not use without permission.

Quotes from a Recent Interview

I've mentioned a few times before that I make short films with a group called Robotic Flyers Productions. Recently, the group decided to interview members and post the interviews online. You can find my interview here. For those of you who can't understand someone speaking  thirty words a second, here's a transcript of some of …

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