Sentimentality and Substance (Sidetrails 1)

In a recent post about "kid-friendly entertainment," I pointed out that for a certain audience, "Christian art" and "family-friendly" automatically go together. You can also use the term "sentimental," or "inspirational" to describe that kind of art, which dominates faith-based films and Christian Romance novels. There are several reasons why "Christian" and "family-friendly" don't always …

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George Bailey and his family, happy at last, in the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life. Image source

Play Along with the Joke (God in Film Pt 2)

Here's where you can read part 1 in this blog series I noted last week that some film critics and filmmakers (particularly Paul Schrader and Roy Anker) have argued you really can't show divine encounters (God or angels literally showing up in a movie) without it seeming cheesy. This argument has big ramifications for Christians …

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