Sword handle with rest of sword not visible, with an out-of-focus backdrop of sunlight in a forest

The Hard Choice to Do Good (Building A Better Christian Novel Pt 1)

I review Christian books, mostly nonfiction ones but I do get a Christian Fiction novel or two each month. Occasionally I'll get one that I enjoy, and frequently I'll give 3 or 4 stars just because I know the author means well and it's not too terrible. However, most of the time I'm just not …

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Tolkien and Lewis Friendship Presentation

As you may know from reading my other posts, I've gotten to give several presentations about the Inklings the last few years. I've compared C.S. Lewis to Terence Fisher, and talked about how Tolkien's work compares to writers like H.P. Lovecraft and T.H. White. Today, I got to give a talk at Taylor University's C.S. Lewis Center about …

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Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

It’s really hard to write about magic without talking about the supernatural. Yes, Arthur C. Clarke argued that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” but there really is a distinct difference between the two. Tech is science, and because science is all about what we can observe and objective facts, we can look …

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