Why Do High Churches Get All the Good Artists? (Pt 1)

Several months ago, I was in a conversation with some book lovers and Inklings fans. We had wrapped up a discussion about Dorothy Sayers, when someone in the raised an interesting question: "You know, we talk a lot about Anglicans like Sayers and C.S. Lewis who wrote great books, and about liberal Christians like Frederic …

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Films on Faith I’ve Enjoyed

In addition to seeking novels that explore spiritual ideas in interesting ways, I'm always on the lookout for a good film that explores religious ideas. While my previous post focused on novels written by people who considered themselves orthodox Christians, this one includes a variety of people. Some of these filmmakers were Christians, some were …

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Lifeviews / Making A Difference by R.C. Sproul

How do we view topics like economics, art, and politics from a Christian perspective? Pastors often try to answer that question, and if they're well-known someone will ask them to write a whole book on the topic. This sort of book can be a mixed bag. Length requirements mean the pastors have to summarize each …

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Books and Articles on Friendship Despite Differences

When I gave a talk recently about C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien's friendship, someone commented afterwards that they really liked how the two men were able to freely discuss their differences as friends. Because I enjoy leaning into controversial topics (such as recent article about "atheist" movies), I've read a variety of books about people …

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Great Authors Who Wrote About Art and Faith

I've written many times about books that describe how art and faith connection (from books for small groups to books that you should read at least once). Here's a look at some of the authors who created these books, particularly ones who've written multiple books on the topic and therefore can't really be summed up …

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Tolkien and Lewis Friendship Presentation

As you may know from reading my other posts, I've gotten to give several presentations about the Inklings the last few years. I've compared C.S. Lewis to Terence Fisher, and talked about how Tolkien's work compares to writers like H.P. Lovecraft and T.H. White. Today, I got to give a talk at Taylor University's C.S. Lewis Center about …

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