Questions of Calling (Sidetrails Pt 4)

In my concluding thoughts post about high church Christianity and art, I ended by saying that "good art must serve the work." This point may best be summed if we remember the famous quote from Chariots of Fire where Eric Liddell describes how he reconciled his Olympic aspirations with his calling to be a missionary. …

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Sentimentality and Substance (Sidetrails 1)

In a recent post about "kid-friendly entertainment," I pointed out that for a certain audience, "Christian art" and "family-friendly" automatically go together. You can also use the term "sentimental," or "inspirational" to describe that kind of art, which dominates faith-based films and Christian Romance novels. There are several reasons why "Christian" and "family-friendly" don't always …

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Electric lights to look like a question mark in a square. Photo by Emily Morter. Photo by Source:

Make It Complicated (Building a Better Christian Novel Pt. 9)

I review Christian books, mostly nonfiction ones but I do get a Christian Fiction novel or two each month. Occasionally I’ll get one that I enjoy, and frequently I’ll give 3 or 4 stars just because I know the author means well and it’s not too terrible. However, most of the time I’m just not …

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