Movie projector in a smoke filled room. Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

6 Mainstream Movies with Christian Themes

What would it look like to make a regular Hollywood movie that talks about concepts like faith, forgiveness and redemption? These six films did just that: (Article first published by the Odyssey on February 14, 2017).

Mural of characters from the comic book Tintin. Photo by William Murphy. See

Great Comics For All Ages

What's it take to create a comic book story that's clean enough for kids to read but compelling enough that adults will find it interesting? Here's my take on some of the comic books that have actually pulled that off: (Article first published March 13, 2018)

5 Christian Books on Art for Small Groups

If you've enjoyed my past posts about books on art for small groups or best books to read about faith and art, I recommend checking this article I wrote for the Odyssey, "5 More Books For Small Group Studies On Christian Art":   (I am not entirely certain why the URL says "Craig J …

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Maurice Sendak and other Children’s Authors

Sometimes the best children's authors are the ones who trust kids enough to include some scary elements in their stories. In a recent article for the Odyssey, I talk about 6 authors, from Maurice Sendak to Roald Dahl, who wrote popular but dark children's stories. You can read the article here: