Photo Collages 2

Here are some more photo collages from my trip to Asia. For these, I took a single photo of a building in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city, and altered it some interesting ways.


Just started using Steemit

I recently joined Steemit, a website where you can release content and get paid for it. Here's my first Steemit post: Enjoy

“Secret Menu,” a short film

Robotic Flyers just released another short film I contributed to. This one, Secret Menu, is a retro crime drama. You can find it here: Please watch the film all the through, it's less than 5 minutes long and the more people watch it all the way through, the more web traffic Robotic Flyers will get.

Getting Past Theological Differences

(This article previously published by The Odyssey on May 3, 2017) He can’t possibly be warm enough. I watched from the living room as my teacher and the other five students moved around the tiny kitchen, getting chai tea or coffee. The teacher spoke softly, but his strong Australian accent carried his voice farther than …

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