Sunrise Over Beijing has been published

Two big things have happened for me in the last two days. First, I got Sunrise Over Beijing, the eBook I've been talking about since 2016, published on Amazon. Second, I got an Amazon Author Profile set up so you can find my book and any updates about my projects there. Thanks so much to everyone who's …

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Meditations on Elijah

Some time ago, I took a college course where one of my assignments was to re-tell a Bible story. I picked the story of Elijah meeting a widow in Sidon. I recently took that assignment and reformatted it as a story for The Odyssey. You can find it here:

Writing Quasi-Allegories (Allegory Pt 3)

Click here for Part 2 As I noted last time, full-blown allegories are hard to write because they have certain limits. However, you don't necessarily have to make an entire story allegorical. Many authors write quasi-allegories. In these works, the story has sections that are allegorical (didactic tone, important lessons) and other sections that are simply …

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What Filmmakers Can Learn From Passion of the Christ

“Christian movies” seem to go through times when they’re especially popular. For example, the 1950’s and 60’s produced some excellent Biblical epics. Since the early 2000’s, Biblical adaptations and movies with faith-based themes have been very popular. People debate a lot of things about the new Christian movie trend, but everyone seems to agree on …

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Getting Past Theological Differences

(This article previously published by The Odyssey on May 3, 2017) He can’t possibly be warm enough. I watched from the living room as my teacher and the other five students moved around the tiny kitchen, getting chai tea or coffee. The teacher spoke softly, but his strong Australian accent carried his voice farther than …

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A Great Article About Traveling to Africa

My sister (who's written an award-winning short story and blogs about books on her own WordPress site) just appeared in The Gazette, a Colorado Spring newspaper, talking about her 4-month trip to Africa with MercyShips: I got a brief mention in the article because of my trip to Asia in 2015, which you may …

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