A Presentation: SEO Basics for Web and Print

It’s nice when you like your day job and someone asks if you’d like to talk about it. So, when Writers Chat asked if I’d like to give a virtual presentation about Search Engine Optimization (i.e. making Google like your work) I didn’t have to think long.

I’m relatively new to SEO Editing (freelanced as an SEO writer in 2021, then got a job as an SEO editor in 2022). But I like sharing things I’ve learned, and I knew I liked the Writers Chat because at least one trusted friend, Hope Bolinger, had done a presentation for them on coauthoring books.* If you’re unsure whether to embrace an opportunity, see what your friends think of it.

So, at the link below, you can see me talking about what SEO stands for, myths you need to know about, and why it matters even if you’re writing a book that will be printed.

Oh, and I talk about little-known Inkling Charles Williams. Because he’s an easy example for me to use, and it gave me the chance to highlight work by Williams experts like Dr. Sørina Higgins, owner of The Oddest Inkling blog. Which recently announced something monumental involving Charles Williams’ Arthurian poetry.

*Jori Hanna’s Power Book Review has published at least two reviews of books that Hope has coauthored (Dear Hero and Dear Henchmen). I’ve also had the privilege to review Castelon, a fantasy novel by her trusted cauthor, Alyssa Roat.


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