Thoughts on Charles Williams & Dennis Wheatley Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I shared an essay on thriller novelist Dennis Wheatley (whose influenced Ian Fleming and others) and his interesting part in promoting the books of Charles Williams. A new post, giving my concluding thoughts and some suggestions about why Williams and Wheatley’s careers took such different turns, has now been published.

In my last post, I listed some reviews of good books on Charles Williams. Here are some reviews of books (and movies) about other Inklings and their associates:

The Most Reluctant Convert

Tolkien’s Modern Reading

Science Fiction and the Abolition of Man

True Myth: C.S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell on the Veracity of Christianity

Subversive: Christ, Culture and the Dorothy L. Sayers

Splendour in the Dark: C.S. Lewis’ Dymer in His Life and Work

The Misquotable C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis’ Top Influential Books and Authors Volume Three

The Gospel in Dorothy Sayers

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