Thoughts on West Side Story: The Novel

One of the joys of writing book reviews is that sometimes you discover a book you really didn’t expect to enjoy. I picked up a copy of West Side Story: A Novelization just after Christmas in a mall bookstore for two reasons: first, it’s a reprint of a novelization written for the original film, and I enjoy 1960s paperback novels (particularly the slim Signet editions of the James Bond novels). Second, Irving Shulman is also known for working on the script for Rebel Without A Cause, another famous film about lost young people trying to find their way with little direction. Therefore, there was a good chance this book would have more to it than the average movie novelization.

When I read it, I was surprised and impressed. And Power Book Review was nice enough to indulge my review of the book…

An another note, if you have an unusual book you enjoyed and want to share it with others, be sure to check out Power Book Review‘s submission guidelines.

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