A Blog Series Banner: The Cinematic Mr. Ripley

Poster of movies based on Tom Ripley novels, made into banner for The Cinematic Mr. Ripley: A MovieThoughts Series by Connor Salter

Taking a cue from the blog banner that A Pilgrim in Narnia created for its Nightmare Alley series, I decided to create a blog banner for my MovieThoughts series The Cinematic Mr. Ripley.

No copyright claim to the images is made or implied. All images from the following films and providers:

Plein Soleil (English Title: Purple Noon), 1960, directed by René Clément. Via IMDb.
The Talented Mr. Ripley, 1999, directed by Anthony Minghella. Via IMDb.
Ripley Under Ground (2002) directed by Roger Spottiswoode. Via IMDb.
Der Amerikanische Freund (English Title: The American Friend), 1977, directed by Wim Wenders. Via Criterion.
Ripley’s Game, 2005, directed by Liliana Cavani. Via Rotten Tomatoes.

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