A Christmas Reflection, published by Fellowship & Fairydust

Several weeks ago, I was attending a writers’ group meeting where we were each given a challenge: write a story about one of your strongest Christmas memories.

I wasn’t sure what to write about. The thing about being born in place, living in a different continent from age 3-10, plus various travels to Asia and Europe since then… it gives me a lot I could talk about. However, it’s hard to tell what others can relate to. I decided to write about one of my early childhood memories, listening to Christmas music on a stereo system.

Much to my surprise, everyone in the writing group seemed to like it. So, when the literary magazine Fellowship & Fairydust announced it was seeking submissions for a Christmas newsletter, I thought, why not? I was surprised again when the magazine accepted my story. I got notified on Christmas Day that the newsletter was live. You can read my piece (and some great poems and reflections by others) here:

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Reflection, published by Fellowship & Fairydust

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