Announcing a new feature….

Some of you who have read my blog posts for a while have probably noticed that I refer to films a lot. A variety of posts that I have done didn’t really fit into the “thoughts on writing” or “thoughts on faith” categories that I set up for this blog in 2015. To make things simpler, I have added a new category to my blog: MovieThoughts.

MovieThoughts will contain my past posts about films (posts on superhero films, links to articles I wrote for The Odyssey about notable films), as well as new posts about films I like. The first new post will come out on Jan. 9 and be my thoughts on Nightmare Alley, a 1947 film based on the book by William Lindsay Gresham. A Pilgrim in Narnia is currently doing an article series on Nightmare Alley (the book, its odd connection to the Inklings, and the new film version by Guillermo del Toro), which I am contributing to. This post will complement that series, but come out afterward to avoid competing with it. In the meantime, I encourage you all to follow the Pilgrim in Narnia series (and see both films based on the book).

In the future, I’m planning some MovieThought posts about superhero films, putting finishing touches on the series I started years ago about superhero films with original plots. I will also do a series on film adaptations of Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley books (also known as The Ripliad), considering what makes a story nihilistic as opposed to tragic.

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