Resurrecting a classic: My review of Nightmare Alley

As you probably know from reading many of my blog posts, I enjoy C.S. Lewis’ work and am fascinating by his life. One of the odd side subjects in his story is that his wife, Joy Davidman, was originally married to New York writer William Lindsay Gresham. Gresham wrote a variety of things (everything from a Houdini biography to a book on body building), but his great claim to fame is Nightmare Alley, a noir novel about carnivals, psychics, lust for power (and other things).

Since Guillermo del Toro has adapted the novel for a film starring Bradley Cooper, I reviewed the new edition of the book for Power Book Review:

Much thanks to Brenton Dickieson for reblogging this review on A Pilgrim in Narnia.

3 thoughts on “Resurrecting a classic: My review of Nightmare Alley

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