Changing my blogging schedule

Back in December 2020, I announced that I was taking a three-month hiatus from blogging to consider new direction with my blog. Since the blog hasn’t had much focus and I’ve gotten more involved in freelancing the last year or so which hasn’t left as much time to write, I had to consider where I would be able to maintain my weekly/biweekly blogging schedule.

After considering the matter carefully, I’ve decided to shift to blogging every three to four weeks. This allows me to achieve a little bit better work-life balance, and more time to craft articles before I publish them. If I have a blog series planned, I will plan it out so a post comes out every week, and if I have any side projects (short films, web comics, photography, etc.) coming out I will break the schedule to announce that as well.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog since I started it in 2015. It’s hard to believe I started this blog when I barely had anything published and now I’ve not only done over 290 posts, but also professionally published over 700 articles in various places. Your support has not gone unnoticed and I hope there will be many more fun things to come.

  • Connor Salter

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