Lifeviews / Making A Difference by R.C. Sproul

How do we view topics like economics, art, and politics from a Christian perspective?

Pastors often try to answer that question, and if they’re well-known someone will ask them to write a whole book on the topic.

This sort of book can be a mixed bag. Length requirements mean the pastors have to summarize each topic, and what they leave out may be more important than they realized. On top of that, everyone has biases, so the solutions which pastors recommend are not always helpful.

Fortunately, R.C. Sproul did a fairly good with his book Lifeviews, published in the 1980. Still in print today, Sproul takes a humble and careful approach to each topic he considers, aiming to give the most Biblically-based answer possible. You can read my review of Lifeviews here:

Baker Books recently re-released the book, removing some outdated references and adding a new cover. The re-release is titled Making a Difference:

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