The Artists Guide to Social Media Part 5

In this series, I look at easy pitfalls to fall into when using social media as an artist to promote one’s work. Click here to read the first installment.

Tip #5: Beware Echo Chambers

We don’t often think about the fact that the technology we start using changes our environment.

Obviously, it changes what we can accomplish, and therefore what we expect from ourselves and others.

It also changes what information we receive, and therefore what information we prioritize.

This is especially true if you develop a social media following. You have to not only post things on a regular basis, you also have to check out what everyone else is posting. If nothing else, you have to do this to find other people’s work to talk about in your own posts.

It’s not hard to get sucked into whatever conversations people are having, see their views and (if you start following them) only see their views on a topic.

At the moment, plenty of people are talking about this problem in relation to fake news – someone posts someone on social media, people believe it’s accurate, things snowball from there. The problem goes deeper than that though. It’s so easy to pick a group of people who all take a particular view of a topic (economics, politics, whatever) and start to only listen to their version of events. If you’re not careful, you forget they’re not the only people who have a perspective on that topic, and that social media probably isn’t a great place to look for fact-based, objective opinions.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to look for the truth – primarily because Christianity claims there is objective truth out there. As such, we should try to be objective and avoid taking part in echo chambers which usually lead to insults and poor thinking.

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