The Artists Guide to Social Media Part 4

In this series, I look at easy pitfalls to fall into when using social media as an artist to promote one’s work. Click here to read the first installment.

Tip #4: Beware Becoming a Workaholic

Earlier in this series, I talked about how creating a social media following means you have to regularly produce material.

At a certain point, it’s easy to think that any moment you’re not coming up with something new to post, drafting an announcement or commentary on what someone else is doing, is a moment wasted.

There’s clearly a place for having a good work ethic and teaching yourself how to work on a schedule. But that doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself whenever you’re not working.

Rest has it place, particularly for Christians. God took time to rest on the seventh day, and there’s a wealth of research out there that suggests the human body needs to rest regularly.

It’s also interesting how when we don’t make time to rest, our work tends to have diminishing returns. During my senior year of college, I’m not sure I can mention a single day where I really rested. I did homework then stayed up past midnight to finish freelance assignments, particularly book reviews.

I got a lot down during that year, but looking back there’s not a lot of work from that year that I truly feel proud of. At least half the time, I was simply going through the motions to get things done… and then pump myself up for the next thing. And the next next thing.

Working in a creative field means we often work odd hours, and social media particularly demands a lot from us. But we need to take regular time to sit back and relax as well, before our work starts to suffer.



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