Guest blog post on God’s provision

I’ve recently reviewed a couple of books published by Mountain Brook Ink, a Christian publishing house, and then got the opportunity to write a guest blog post for them.

I wrote a piece about my interesting experience having to leave college for financial reasons and how God provided during that difficult season. You can read the post here:

The article also includes a photograph I took several years ago of an electric typewriter:

“Electric Typewriter 1” by Gabriel Connor Salter. Do not use without permission.

You can find similar photos of the same typewriter in my January 2018 post “Typewriter Photos”:

Hope you enjoy the blog post, if you like Christian speculative fiction you might enjoy Mountain Book Ink’s new imprint Mountain Brook Fire.


Typewriter photograph is copyright 2018 by Gabriel Connor Salter (licensed to Mountain Brook Ink). Do not use without express permission of author.

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