Answering the Puritans Part 5

In this series (click here for Part 1), I’m looking at 5 questions about arts based on something a Puritan wrote and giving some answers. To read my thoughts on the previous question, click here.

Question (4 out of 5): Is spending money on entertainment wasteful?

Answer: There are certainly occasions where spending money on entertainment is wasteful. If we spend money on immoral entertainment, clearly we’re being wasteful as well as sinful.

If we make entertainment into a vice, we are again being wasteful.

However, if we’re careful with our money and what entertainment we consume, spending extra money on entertainment does not qualify as being wasteful.

Depending on the kind of entertainment, it might even be healthy.

Taking in a well-made piece of art by someone who has Christian values does something powerful in us.

It reminds us of ideas we may not be thinking about much.

It may convict us of things we’ve neglected.

It can give us a chance to think about godly things and reset our minds for the rest of the day.

So, we don’t waste anything by spending money on good art. By taking it in, we become healthier people.


Stay tuned for Part 6. In the meantime, do you have any thoughts about this?

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