Why Should Christians Care About Art Part 2

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Reason Number 2: Art May be Temporary, But We Should Still Care About It

One common objection evangelical Christians make when you try to talk about art is that all art is “earthly” things.

Art is made from physical materials and if Revelation shows Earth will be destroyed in the End Times, that means all art will be destroyed when Jesus returns.

Why should we care about things that will ultimately be destroyed?

There are a couple of ways to deal with this objection.

One way is simply to take the view that Revelation shows Earth will be resurrected when Jesus returns.

That would mean any art that points to godly ideas will survive into the next world.

If you want to know more about this view, I recommend Skye Jethani’s book Futureville.

I personally don’t hold that view, because I think there’s a second option.

I believe there’s a higher principle Christians are supposed to follow no matter what we believe about the End Times: we are supposed to represent Jesus to other people.

Caring about the arts and nurturing artistic talent is one way of doing that.

By caring about the arts, we show something interesting to people.

We show that becoming religious did not make us primitive, that we value learning, discovering good things and activities that make life more fulfilling.

So, caring about the arts implies that Christianity is about much more than getting a secure afterlife.

It’s also about becoming caring, intelligent people who live more fulfilling lives on earth.

Since being Christians means we represent God to other people, this attitude also implies something about God’s values.

If we care about the arts, it follows that God must care about them too.

This suggests God isn’t just interested in what we do every Sunday.

He cares about all aspects of life and wants to see them changed, redeemed.

So, caring about the arts is a way to show people that Christianity is more than just getting a “ticket to Heaven” and God is more than a being we talk about in church.

Even if we believe all art will one day be destroyed, we can use it for these purposes. In fact, we have every reason to.


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