Book Presentation Photos

Since I’m taking a Business Writing class at Taylor University, I had to give a professional-level presentation on a topic of my choice. I chose to present my upcoming book (currently titled Beside Me), a memoir about my 2015 trip to Asia.


Here I’m discussing the main sections of my book. Photograph by Jordan Shaver.



Here I talk about some technical details about the book. Photograph by Jordan Shaver.



This photo is henceforth titled “How to Make Your Hands Blurry While Striking a Dramatic Pose.” Photograph by Jordan Shaver.



The slide next to me appears blank, but I was explaining some organizations who might promote my book when it’s published.  Photograph by Jordan Shaver.


I also got to speak about my upcoming eBook “Sunrise Over Beijing” (initially titled “Scraps of Heaven”)  which collects previously published stories from my trip which didn’t quite fit the memoir’s focus. My latest story in this collection was just published by The Odyssey.


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